Pallas 2020 Fall Collection Lookbook Revealed

  • 20.08.04
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"From memories' ‘Abi Rex’ jackets to ‘Palasonic’ shirts."

Pallas unveiled the fall 2020 collection lookbook. This collection lookbook, which covers all the items of the fall season, was filmed by Angelo Fenetta, and members of the Pallas Skateboarding Team include Lucien Clark, Kyle Wilson, Charlie Birch, Eitor Da Silva, and Dino Da Silva. .

The collection consisted of signature tri-puff logos, streetwear such as hoodies, t-shirts, vests, and bucket hats with a variety of logo play. Among them, the 1990s-style leather jacket was created through collaboration with Avirex, and fur jackets and denim pants with John Dove & Molly White's'Lips' prints stand out.

The first drop item of the Pallas 2020 Fall collection will be available through the brand website on August 8, Korea time, from 00:00 AM, and from Japan at 11 AM on the same day through the Japan website. It will also be released through the WeChat Store on August 8 at 1 AM in Korea.

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