Adidas launches new sneaker'Nightball' inspired by basketball shoes

  • 20.06.26
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Three lines of signature were expressed with a strap.

Adidas Originals launches a new sneakers model inspired by basketball shoes, Nightball. Night Ball, like the Night Jogger, is a new product that inherits the Adidas lifestyle sneakers line.

The biggest feature of the Night Ball, which is released in two colorways,'Coliage Art Navy' and'Pink Tint', is that the elastic strap was used to express Adidas' signature three stripes. The midsole has a light strike foam like the adidas streetball model. In both models, various accent colors were used based on cream and tan colors.

The adidas Night Ball'Coliage Art Navy' and'Pink Tint' will be sold through the adidas website starting July 1st, with prices of $120 each and approximately 150,000 USD.

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