The ecstatic and delightful Loewe 2020 Summer Polar Ibiza Collection

  • 20.06.17
  • HIT : 261

Loewe unveiled the Paula Ibiza collection for the spring and summer. Jonathan Anderson, who heads Loewe, introduced the collection as “a lively scent and playful Loewe proposal” and explained that he wanted to commemorate the moment that the spirit of Balearic Islands and the hedonism of the islands influenced the subculture. Loewe's new Paula Ibiza collection is a full-fledged feast full of ecstatic and delightful mood. Wide capri pants, bolero skirts, exotic patterns and a tie-dye effect, acetate sunglass. It is a collection that combines the colorful colors and atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Loewe will donate 40 euros each time the Polar Ibiza collection is sold. It will be used for children in socially vulnerable groups affected by the Corona19 virus. The first release date of the Polar Ibiza Collection is April 23. You can check the entire collection through the gallery above.

#로에베 #조나단 앤더슨 #HYPEBEAST 

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