Helmut Lang and Willie Norris' collaborative collection of intense messages

  • 20.06.16
  • HIT : 205


Helmut Lang released the 2020 freefall collection'HelmutLanguage' in collaboration with fashion designer Willie Norris. The collection was due for release in late May, but the release date was delayed due to a series of events, including the death of George Floyd.

The collection consists of jackets, denim pants, hoodies, long sleeves, and short sleeved t-shirts, and each product has the message ``WITH PRACTICE YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING''. The message delivery through lettering has been used frequently by Willie Norris, and Helmut Lang said, “The message in the collection (via the “Black Lives Movement”) has a new meaning.”

Helmut Lang and Willy Norris will sponsor some of the proceeds from the ‘HelmutLanguage’ collection to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and black transgender women. The ‘HelmutLanguage’ collection can be purchased from the Helmut Lang website.


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